Meat and poultry preparations

Meat and poultry preparations can be used in a vast range of fresh and frozen products, raw and/or cooked, such as cordon bleu cutlets, roasts, frankfurters, spring rolls, plain or stuffed cutlets, meatballs and meatloaf.

IPAS intermediate cheese products for meat dishes retain the moisture inside the meat, guaranteeing lasting structure and better sensory profiles compared to traditional cheese. 

The advantage of these products lies in the absence of problems typically associated with products pairing meat and cheese. With no seepage of liquids (syneresis), the complete inalterability of the finished product is ensured throughout its shelf-life.

The same advantage applies to the frying of the end product (if applicable), during which the IPAS preparation does not run, it does not absorb and does not leak moisture into the surrounding product.

Viscosity can be modified if so desired, leaving the structural properties and qualities of the product unaltered.

This type of processed cheese or cheese analogue guarantees optimum creaminess during cooking, preserving the desired structure inside the final application.

IPAS technology allows the development and personalization for of its intermediate products for end applications, based on specific requirements in terms of structure, sensory profile and behavior in the end application.

The R&D team develops functional and high-performance products to satisfy specific customer requests, all created using rigorously selected raw materials of dairy and vegetable origin.

The commitment to quality and Italian-made products has led to the introduction of specific production lines using ingredients characteristic of the Mediterranean diet, such as tomato, basil, oregano, pesto, mozzarella, gorgonzola and scamorza. The wide range of ingredients allows us to create products with a customized sensory profile based on customer request.

The great flexibility of IPAS and its passion for constant research into new products allows the company to develop highly versatile cheese preparations to meet the needs of a market catering to the Italian culinary tradition, as well as overseas manufacturers offering products inspired by gastronomic cultures from all over the globe.

IPAS also produces foods to suit the technological and/or new system needs of its customers, guaranteeing an ongoing assistance service combined with high quality standards. 

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