Values and Mission

  Our company values are:

  • extremely high product quality
  • cutting edge technology
  • Italian-made products
  • constant research
  • custom-made products
  • flexibility and rapid service

Over the years, IPAS has established a reputation of absolute excellence in the food industry, thanks to its constant focus on product quality and service.

Ever since its foundation, IPAS has striven to develop cutting-edge technologies capable of supplying cheese-based food preparations and intermediate products, carefully personalized for each customer based on the demands of an ever-more diversified market.

Quality, efficiency and customization are the cornerstones on which we base our product development, thanks to a significant body of company know-how, built on intense and constant research. IPAS distinguishes itself for its outstanding flexibility and rapidity of service during both sampling and supply.

The strengths of our “processed cheese” and “cheese analogue” intermediate products lie in the consistency of their structure, their ability to maintain a low TBL (total bacterial load), even in preparations containing cheese with a high microbiological risk, and in the option to create intermediate products with different textures and sensory profiles.

The strong tie with Italian tradition is reflected in the quality and variety of ingredients used. At the same time, our constant innovation, both in terms of our products and our processes, takes us towards unexplored gastronomic cultures, a new frontier for innovative preparations using cheese.  

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