IPAS srl (Industria Produzioni Alimentari e Semilavorati) was founded in 1979 in Carnate, near Milan in the region of Lombardy, in a plant in the heart of Brianza. The company was set up by Tullio Bodini, a food sciences graduate, following in the footsteps of his family, active in the cheese sector for almost a century with the well-known “Castelli” brand, and inspired by the great changes taking place in the food industry, and by the need for constant evolution with regard to product development and manufacture.

In a culture which was profoundly changing the habits and customs of an ever-more dynamic and demanding society, the 1970s saw the development of a market with a focus on product diversification and the research into new products, which aimed to offer greater variety to the end consumer. 

It was here that the first ready meals made their appearance in supermarkets. Fast, practical and perfectly in keeping with the new market trends, they were initially simple and traditional in nature.

With the passing of time, however, completely new products began to appear on the market, which would revolutionize our way of eating, such as cordon bleu cutlets, leading companies such as Ipas, which operate in the field of B2B, to develop products with high added value.

From melted cheeses to processed cheese and cheese analogues

In this scenario, from a strongly intuitive and revolutionary idea of its founder, IPAS developed a range of intermediate products and cheese preparations. These products were extremely innovative and high-performing, both technologically - with significant advantages in terms of processing and cooking, compared to traditional cheeses - as well as from the standpoint of their sensory profile. 

During the Eighties and Nineties, IPAS continued to develop, adapting to the growing industrial sector in which it operated, making significant investments in product research, materials and processes, allowing the company to develop an important body of company know-how, partly through the installation of modern production systems.

The constant drive for product innovation and the modernization of its production systems have made IPAS the undisputed market leader in Italy in its sector, allowing the company to offer expertise and unique products to a global market.

The continuous training of its personnel has allowed the company to develop a specific and thorough technical knowledge of the industrial applications of cheese preparations, successfully offering the concept of Italian-made foods on an industrial scale.

Combining ingredients of excellence typical of the Italian culinary tradition such as basil, tomato, radicchio, spinach, and balsamic vinegar with high quality cheeses - taleggio, gorgonzola, provolone, scamorza, mozzarella, Emmenthal and others -  the IPAS Research and Development team has successfully developed an exceptional line of “processed cheese” and “cheese analogue” products

Today, its intermediate cheese products can be highly customized and developed based on specific customer needs and personalized requests from the food industries it serves.

Thanks to its production capabilities and speed of response, IPAS guarantees a rapid, flexible and highly specialized service, covering the whole of Italy and overseas.

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