Information and consent to the processing of data pursuant to European Regulation 679/2016

Carnate, October 2018

We inform you that personal data (including sensitive data now described in Article 9), that you provide to us, will be processed both with automated tools, which in any case does not comply with the provisions, also in terms of data security, by EU Regulation 679 / 2016 for the performance of the tasks entrusted, as explained in the contract currently in force or / and for the purpose of providing you with the information you requested and / or to fulfill specific legal obligations for the data controller. The conferment of data is optional but your refusal will prevent us from continuing the execution of the contract in progress, or to fulfill your specific requests.

Specifically, your data are linked to our specific activity of "Production and marketing of foods based on cheese and vegetables" and are related to the normal relationship with customers / suppliers or potential ones; no mass marketing activity is envisaged, except for specific consent.

Data retention (which in any case may not exceed 10 years from the last processing / update) is linked to the existence of a supply of goods / services, legal obligations or specific treatment needs of which you are part, it is your right to request the deletion of data when the same right is not in opposition to legal obligations.

Your data will be communicated to the persons in charge of the writer, necessary for the performance of the tasks entrusted to banks or credit institutions for the processing and collection of powers, to public institutes or bodies in relation to the tasks assigned to them and to legal regulations / obligations, to control bodies and public security if required, to any third parties only as a result of using them for the performance of their duties.

You have the right to obtain from the holder the cancellation, limitation, updating, portability, opposition to the processing of personal data concerning him as well as in general or rights provided for in articles 15,16,17,18,19,20 , 21 and 22 of the Reg. Eu. 679/2016


The transfer of your data abroad by the writer is not envisaged, but any third parties involved in the processing could make use of this possibility.


Data controller: IPAS srl

Via Private San Giorgio 1 - Carnate (MB)

Contact for data protection: STEFANIA CARLOMAGNO


The consent for my data to be processed by the writer for the purpose of fulfilling your specific requests, as compiled in the data acquisition form or for the purpose of the performance of a contract of which you are a part IS NOT PROVIDED because pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b and c the treatment is understood to be lawful. A revocation or a non-granting of consent implies an impossibility to continue the relationship.

As foreseen by the art. 14 of the Reg. U.E. 679/2016 I will provide a copy of this information to the subjects of which I will communicate personal data (including sensitive ones now described in article 9) collected by me for the sole purpose of allowing the execution of the contract in which I am a party.

The sending of a communication through the website is intended as an expression of the consent to the processing for the exclusive purposes indicated in this statement.

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