Market leader in the production of intermediate cheese products for the food industry since1979, IPAS founds its success on high-tech products created “ad hoc” to specific customer requirements, guaranteeing a high and constant level of quality, combined with constant innovation.

For the food industry, there are multiple significant advantages to using food preparations compared to traditional cheeses.

One particular strength is the extreme flexibility of our products, allowing the creation of workable and highly customizable structures for both hot and cold applications. 

Another important characteristic of our cheese preparations is our ability to offer the required degree of heat resistance, personalizing the product to give the desired melting point (low or high-melting).  IPAS intermediate products are also suited to various cooking techniques and have been developed to guarantee excellent results in different methods of cooking (frying, baking…) and during operations such as slicing, cubing, grating, molding, and other types of treatment.

Compared to traditional cheese, our cheese preparations ensure greater stability during heat treatment, guaranteeing complete inalterability of the microbiological profile for the entire shelf-life of the product.

Flavor customization is another aspect which distinguishes the food preparations developed by IPAS, with the option of customizing the products with specific flavors on request, while avoiding any overlapping and/or sensory alterations when the product is used.



HARD/COMPACT structure.
Thanks to their elasticity, these products are ideal for slicing, cubing, julienning, or other types of processing which involve cutting. They can be processed more rapidly than traditional cheeses, with reduced or zero wastage.
HIGH melting point.
Inside the finished product, the IPAS preparation remains in place, becoming slightly creamy.
PUMPABLE structure.
These products have an intermediate texture, soft and malleable, ideal for industrial processes which require the product to pass through extrusors, pumps, or molding machines. INTERMEDIATE melting point.
Inside the finished product, the IPAS preparation melts at lower temperatures, resulting in a filling with superb creaminess.
INTERMEDIATE melting point.
Inside the finished product, the IPAS preparation melts at lower temperatures, resulting in a filling with superb creaminess.
CREAMY structure.
The structure of these products makes them suited to mixing with others of a similar creamy texture (using paddle mixers) or to production line dosing using nozzles, where a certain fluidity is required. The product can be diluted with water or other liquids by the customer if desired.

LOW melting point.
The IPAS product melts completely in the end application.


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