Processed Cheese and Cheese Analogue

These high-performing products are designed for specific industrial applications, manufactured using both dairy and vegetable ingredients.

Compared to a traditional cheese, they offer:

  • greater ease of processing (à reduced formation of scraps and wastage)
  • greater resistance to heat treatments/cooking
  • option of customizing melting point
  • greater physical and microbiological stability

Our product range includes a wide variety of different cheese types (smoked scamorza, spicy provolone, gorgonzola, mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental …) and textures, with many different options for product customization, depending on customer requirements.

Complex Products

IPAS also offers the option to develop “complex” products. 

These food preparations are based on cheese and milk derivatives, formulated with the addition of specific raw materials, to offer products with flavors characteristic of the Italian and other culinary traditions, depending on customer requirements.

.Examples of complex products include:

  • With 3-4 cheeses
  • With porcini mushrooms
  • With pesto
  • “Pizzaiola” style (tomato and mozzarella)
  • With radicchio and scamorza cheese
  • With speck and brie
  • With other ingredients as requested by the customer

Vegan Products

Our vegan products are cheese analogues containing no milk derivatives, making them free of any ingredient of animal origin. We currently offer a cream cheese and a hard cheese for slicing. 


The IPAS cheese preparations can be customized in different ways depending on customer requirements, both in terms of texture and sensory profile.  The R&D team is also committed to the ongoing development of structures with different chemical and physical properties.

Contact us for more information.

We will reccomend the right product for your needs.

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